Policy DJA-RY

A. General Information

A purchasing card may be used by designated Lynchburg City School employees and School Board members to make authorized purchases for the benefit of Lynchburg City Schools. All Lynchburg City School policies and regulations regarding purchasing, including, but not limited to, small purchasing policies, emergency, and sole source purchasing policies will apply to the use of the purchasing card. Any purchase made which will be reimbursed from federal funds must meet the guidelines set forth by the federal grantor agency.

B. Procedures

1. A card administrator will be designated by the Superintendent to be responsible for the purchasing card program. The card administrator will establish transaction purchase limits and monthly purchase limits for each purchasing card.

2. Examples of allowable purchases include, but are not limited to

  • Books
  • Instructional supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Videos
  • Repair parts
  • Custodial supplies

3. Purchasing card transactions may by made in person, by telephone or via Internet.

C. Responsibilities

1. Each cardholder is responsible for maintaining the documentation for all items purchased, for reconciling the monthly statement of charges promptly, and for following all guidelines as set forth in the Purchasing Card Procedures Guide developed by the Department for Finance.

2. The supervisor of each cardholder or card user is responsible to report to the card administrator any abuse or misuse of the purchasing card. The supervisor is also responsible to see that cardholder statements are reconciled promptly and submitted to the Department for Finance within five days of receipt.

3. In the event an employee has been determined to have abused or misused a purchasing card, the following disciplinary steps may be taken:

  • Warning
  • Cancellation of the card and revocation of purchasing card privileges
  • Other disciplinary action, up to and including termination

Adopted: June 20, 2000
Revised: November 6, 2019