Policy DLC-RZ

A. General

1. The school board annually budgets travel reimbursement funds for expenses incurred at certain meetings and conferences. The travel fund is a fixed budget amount. It exists and is administered to support the goals and objectives of the school division.

2. A staff member may be authorized to attend a meeting or conference without loss of pay and be reimbursed for expenses incurred upon approval of a Request to Attend Conference Form or Itinerant Travel Form. Compensation for travel will be made only when the provisions of this regulation are followed. Non-allowable expenses will be assumed by the purchaser.

B. Required Travel Forms

1. Request to Attend Conference Form

  1. Created and approved prior to travel
  2. Located at LCS Commons Forms under Finance

2. Request for Reimbursement Form

  1. Created and approved after travel
  2. Located at LCS Commons Forms under Finance

3. GSA Calculator Form

  1. Used to calculate travel allowances before travel
  2. Located at www.perdiemcalc.net/gsa
  3. This form must be submitted with all meal and lodging reimbursement requests.

4. Itinerant Travel Form

  1. For Itinerant Employees Only
  2. Located at LCS Commons Forms under Travel

5. Grant Pre-Approval Form

  1. For reimbursements paid with Grant Funding
  2. Created prior to travel
  3. Located at LCS Commons under Finance

C. Budget

1. To ensure the most effective use of travel account funds and provide the maximum return to the school division the following budgetary guidelines will be implemented:

2. The assistant superintendent for instructional services will coordinate and approve all operational funded division travel except administrative travel. Travel funded by grants, are approved through the division grant director(s).

3. Projected travel plans should include the purpose of the conference, date (s) of conference, destination, number attending, method of travel, funding source and the approximate cost. The appropriate request forms are located on LCS Commons as stated in (B).

4. In developing such proposals, school employees in different areas (principals, teachers, counselors, etc.) should be consulted and an effort made to diversify travel so that all areas of activity within the division would benefit.

5. The remaining funds will be allocated for itinerant travel and other needs that may arise during the school year.

D. Requests

1. A "Request to Attend Conference" form must be completed, approved by the employee's immediate supervisor and submitted to the appropriate central office administrator as indicated on the form for his/her consideration two weeks prior to anticipated one day trips and four weeks prior to overnight or longer trips.

2. It is the responsibility of the traveler to prepare the necessary forms and provide the original, signed, itemized receipts to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred. It is also the traveler's responsibility to ensure the forms are approved and submitted to Finance within 45 days of travel.

E. Approval/Limited Approval/Disapproval

1. All requests are given due consideration. Not all requests can be fully compensated. The following activities are among those used as guidelines in establishing priorities:

  1. Employees conducting official business for the school division and so designated by the administration;
  2. Employees invited to present papers, appear on panels or speak to topics reporting on programs and/or activities emanating from this division;
  3. Employees desiring to visit other divisions with outstanding programs and/or facilities relevant to ongoing studies within the division;
  4. Employees who are officers, officers elect or directors of educational organizations and who do not receive travel reimbursement from the organization concerned.

2. Approval or disapproval of the request will be noted on the copy of the Request to Attend Meeting or Conference form which is returned to the applicant prior to travel.

  1. In some instances, limited approval will be given assuming the employee agrees to share a percentage of the total anticipated costs.

F. Reimbursement

1. Employees seeking reimbursement, must pay the costs prior to seeking reimbursement. After returning from an approved trip for which reimbursement is to be made, a Request for Reimbursement Form must be completed with original, signed and itemized receipts attached and should be returned immediately to the same central office administrator who approved the Request to Attend Conference Form.

2. Reimbursement will be made through Payroll. Completed requests received by the 1st of the month will be paid on the 15th, completed requests received by the 15th of the month will be paid on the 30th.

3. All reimbursement requests must be submitted on a monthly basis.

4. Any excessive or unallowable expense will be adjusted by the authorized approver or the Finance Department. An email notification will be sent to the traveler advising of the revisions in the reimbursement amount.

G. Allowable Travel Expenses

1. LCS follows the state travel guidelines for regulations regarding travel, expenses and reimbursements- refer to the CAAPP (Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures) Manual.

  1. This can be found: www.doa.virginia.gov/admin_services/capp/capp_summary.cfm
  2. Select the most recent regulations for Topic 20335.

H. Itinerant Travel

1. Itinerant employees may access the Itinerant Travel Form, as indicated in section (B), on LCS Commons. This form must be completed on the computer (not handwritten). No handwritten forms will be accepted.

2. After completing the form reflecting your travel, please print, sign, and send the original -signed request to your authorized supervisor for approval.

3. The Itinerant Travel Form must be complete and accurate, signed by the employee and authorized supervisor, prior to sending to the Finance Department for processing. All incomplete or inaccurate forms will be returned to employee for correction.

4. Itinerant Travel requests must be submitted to the Finance Department within 45 days of the travel month end. Requests received after the 45 days will not be processed for payment.

I. Non-Itinerant Travel

1. Non-Itinerant Travel reimbursement requestors must complete the Request for Reimbursement Form.

J. Mileage

1. A request for mileage reimbursement must include a printout of a computerized mileage calculator (ex/ Mapquest, Google Maps) showing mileage to and from base location and conference location only.

2. Non-Itinerant Travel reimbursement requests must include a conference or meeting agenda stating dates, times and location of conference or meeting.

3. Automobile travel expense is reimbursed at rate per mile as determined annually by the state.

4. Reimbursements for gasoline, parking, tolls, and approved repairs to a School Board vehicle will be provided if documented with receipts

5. Non-itinerant travel requests must be submitted to the Finance Department within 45 days of travel return date. Requests received after the 45 days will not be processed for payment.

K. Meals

1. If the event provides a meal during the conference/meeting at no charge, the employee is not eligible for reimbursement for that meal.

2. Travel days are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.

3. The traveler must utilize the following GSA Per Diem Calculator form to seek meal reimbursements.

  1. All allowable meals will be reimbursed per the GSA Calculator rates.
  2. Meals cannot be combined to have a higher allowance.
  3. The allowance reflects the total expense, including taxes.
  4. Tips are an incidental expense.

4. All meal reimbursements must include a conference/ meeting agenda with dates, times and location.

5. Original, itemized, signed receipts are required for reimbursement for meals.

  1. Include on the receipt the meal type-breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  2. Do not tape over the printed portion of the receipt.

6. LCS only reimburses meal expenses incurred during overnight travel.

7. Meals charged to your hotel bill need to be itemized to ensure reimbursement.

L. Lodging

1. All LCS lodging reimbursements will follow the rates established by the Federal Government. The state utilizes the following GSA Per Diem Calculator website to determine allowable amounts – www.perdiemcalc.net/gas. This form must be submitted with all lodging reimbursement requests.

  1. Lodging expense is allowable up to 150% of the Federal Guidelines.
  2. Taxes and fees are excluded in the lodging allowance.

2. All lodging reimbursement must be submitted with a conference/ meeting agenda, stating dates, times and location.

3. All reimbursement rates are based on the location of the conference.

4. Accommodations must be substantiated by paid bills (original) for purposes of reimbursement.

5. An original, signed invoice must be submitted to the Finance Department within 45 days of travel to receive reimbursement.

M. Materials and Supplies

1. Materials and supplies purchases may be reimbursed with authorized pre-approval.

2. Original, itemized, signed receipts must be submitted to the Finance Department with the approved Request for Reimbursement Form.

3. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 45 days of purchase.

N. Incidentals

1. Daily incidentals included in the GSA Meals and Incidentals Per Diem Rate include fees/tips to servers, porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel maids, taxi drivers, and others.

2. Tax is not an incidental expense.

O. Non-Reimbursable Items

1. Personal expenses, such as telephone calls, haircuts, valet (unless required), laundry, beauty parlor/spa services, are not reimbursable.

2. Entertainment activities such as movies, night clubs, health clubs, dinner theaters, bowling, alcoholic beverages, etc., are not reimbursable.

3. No traveler will be allowed either mileage or transportation expenses when transported by another traveler who is entitled to mileage or transportation expenses.

4. No travel insurance premiums will be paid by the School Board.

5. Loss of funds or personal belongings while traveling is the responsibility of the traveler and will not be reimbursed.

Adopted: March 6, 2018