Policy EBCD-RZ

Closing of School Because of Inclement Weather/Other Emergencies

1. Prior to School Session

In the event of inclement weather every attempt will be made to reach a decision by 6:00 a.m. on whether or not to open the schools. When feasible, the announcement will be made the night before. Information regarding the situation will be available via radio or by calling (434) 515-5080. Once a decision is made to close the schools because of inclement weather, one of the following two decisions will be made and announced:

  1. The entire school division will be closed for all personnel due to severe weather conditions with the exception of certain custodial and maintenance personnel with whom arrangements will be made separately.
  2. Schools will be closed for students, but staff will report at a designated time. For personnel who do not report, the day of absence will be charged as listed below:
    1. Secretarial and administrative - day accounted as vacation day, if eligible.
    2. Teachers - day accounted as personal leave without deduction. If personal leave eligibility has been exhausted a standard deduction will be made.

NOTE: Personnel who only report on days that students are in session will not work on days as described in (b).

2. During School Session

In those cases when severe weather conditions or other potential emergencies may have implications affecting the closing of schools, the decision to continue operation or to close the schools is made by the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee. This decision is based primarily upon the consideration of student welfare and safety. During that period of time that the schools are in session the responsibility for the safety and supervision of students as well as for their instruction is incumbent upon every staff member. No teacher or other employee is authorized to leave his or her assigned duties until this responsibility has been fulfilled.

Any deviation from this procedure is to be reported to the Superintendent by the principal for such corrective action as may be appropriate.

Approved by Superintendent: December 17, 1970
Revised by Superintendent: October 15, 1992
Revised by School Board: December 3, 2019