Policy EEAC-RZ

A. Compulsory Use of Seat Belts

All employees who drive or occupy division vehicles or a privately-owned vehicle on official school business shall wear their safety belts at all times whenever the vehicle is in motion and equipped with a safety belt systems. This regulation shall not apply to employees who have a physical or other bona fide medical reason, determined in writing by a licensed physician and presented by the central office, which would make wearing a seat belt impractical.

B. Infractions/Penalties

  1. First Infraction
    A warning shall be issued and a copy placed in the employee’s personnel file. When an accident occurs concurrently with the first infraction subsection 2 following will apply.
  2. Second and Subsequent Infractions
    Suspension without pay. Number of days suspension is to be determined by the Superintendent. Continuing infractions may constitute grounds for dismissal.

C. Publicizing/Compliance

Administrative and supervisory personnel shall publicize this regulation and insure compliance.

D. Effective Date

The regulation shall become effective and shall remain in full force until revised or rescinded by the School Board.

Adopted: December 3, 2019