Policy EEAD

The use of school buses for purposes other than transporting children to and from school for the regular school hours and for extracurricular activities is permitted with prior approval of the Superintendent and in accordance with regulations pertaining to field trips.

In addition, the School Board may enter into agreements with its appropriating body, or any state agency or any federal agency established or identified pursuant 42 U.S.C. § 3001 et seq. providing for the use of the school buses of the division by such body or agency for public purposes, including transportation for the elderly. Each such agreement shall provide for reimbursing the school board in full for the proportionate share of any and all costs, both fixed and variable, of such buses incurred by such school board attributable to the use of such buses pursuant to such agreement. The appropriating body, or state or federal agency, shall indemnify and hold harmless the school board from any and all liability of the school board by virtue of use of such buses pursuant to an agreement.

Adopted: February 18, 2014
Reviewed: December 3, 2019

Legal Refs.:

Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1‑176, 22.1‑182.

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