Policy EI

The School Board maintains such insurance on school property, including vehicles, as it deems necessary or as is required by law. The School Board may provide liability insurance, or may provide self-insurance, for certain or all of its officers and employees and for student teachers and other persons performing functions or services for any school in the school division, regardless of whether payment is made for such functions or services. Such insurance, including workers’ compensation and all property and casualty insurance is placed with insurance companies authorized to do business in Virginia or provided by insurance pools, groups, or self-insured programs authorized by the state Bureau of Insurance.

Adopted: March 6, 2018

Legal Refs.:

Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 15.2-2700 through 15.2-2709., 22.1-84; 22.1-188 through 22.1-198.