Policy FFA

The School Board retains the sole discretion and authority for the naming or renaming of all division properties including, but not limited to, school buildings and portions of buildings (such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, playing fields and entry ways) and fixtures (such as benches and trees). This Policy describes the procedure and considerations for naming such properties and fixtures.

The School Board will not accept compensation from individuals and businesses in exchange for the naming rights of school facilities. It will, however, accept financial contributions for the naming of fixtures or intangible things (such as scholarships, programs and endowments), in accordance with KH Public Gifts to the Schools and Regulation KHZ-R Gifts, Donations and Bequests.

I. Nomination Process 
Names may originate at the School Board level or be solicited by the School Board from the community and staff for the naming of division properties and fixtures. Interested individuals or groups may submit a written nomination to the Superintendent. The nomination should identify the facility or fixture to be named and provide other relevant information, including any connection between the proposed name and the school where the proposed naming would occur. The Superintendent/designee should consult with the principal of the school where the proposed naming would occur. The Superintendent and the School Board Chair will jointly decide whether to take the nomination directly to the School Board, refer the nomination to a Naming Committee for consideration, or take no action.

II. Naming Committee
If the School Board Chair and Superintendent determine that a nomination should be referred to a naming committee, the Superintendent/designee will create an ad hoc committee of seven members to advise the Superintendent. The Committee will consist of:

  • Assistant Superintendent of Operations & Administration
  • An administrator from the school where the proposed naming would occur
  • Two other division employees
  • Two community members
  • One School Board member

The Naming Committee will review the naming proposal and advise the Superintendent of its recommendation on the proposed naming. The Committee may also recommend alternative names or locations, or recommend against naming.

If the Naming Committee recommends a naming proposal, it will be presented to the School Board for consideration.

III. Naming Considerations

A. If the name of an individual is being considered, that individual should be a person who has made an exceptional contribution to the school or the Division, and the area named should be related to the area in which the individual has contributed or otherwise appropriate. Individuals who have made outstanding state or national service contributions may also be considered. If the name of a living individual is under consideration, that individual should not be a current employee of the Division, and the Committee must have the individual’s consent before recommending the individual’s name to the School Board.

B. Geographic and historical naming’s are appropriate.

C. The Committee should not recommend names that are contrary to community standards, or that advance religious, political or business organizations.

D. Names should be consistent with the Division’s basic educational mission, values and goals. The Committee should consider the impact the name will have on the students, the role the name will play in contributing to the Division’s overall sense of identity, and the long term effects.

E. The Committee may make other related recommendations, such as a proposed time duration for the naming.

IV. School Board Consideration 
The School Board will consider the recommendation in the form of a resolution at a regular Board business meeting that provides for public comment. The original nomination and any Committee recommendations will be submitted. At the discretion of the School Board Chair and Superintendent, representatives of the nominating party and/or the Naming Committee may be permitted to make a presentation.

The School Board shall base its decision on whether the proposal serves the best interest of the Division and is consistent with the Division's policies, vision, mission and goals. The School Board reserves the right to remove the name at any time. 

Approved: December 16, 2014