Policy GBL

Present and past employees shall have access to their personnel information maintained by the Lynchburg City School Division. No separate employee files shall be maintained which are not available for that employee's inspection. The School Board shall protect the confidentiality of personnel files, personnel references, academic credits, and other similar documents.

If information relative to employment is requested by banks or other establishments or individuals, written permission from the employee to release such information is required, except to comply with a judicial order, a lawfully issued subpoena, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Va. Code § 2.2-3700 et seq.), or other law or court order. The employee will be notified of the request for records.

The Superintendent is responsible for maintaining a system of personnel records for all employees of the School Board. Personnel files of all School Board employees may be produced and maintained in digital or paper format.

Teacher performance indicators, or other data collected by or for the Department of Education or the School Board or made available to and able to be used to judge the performance or quality of a teacher, maintained in a teacher's personnel file or otherwise is confidential but may be disclosed, in a form that does not personally identify any student or other teacher, (i) pursuant to court order, (ii) for the purposes of a grievance proceeding involving the teacher, or (iii) as otherwise required by state or federal law. Nothing in this policy prohibits the release of or limits the availability of nonidentifying, aggregate teacher performance indicators or other data.

Adopted: August 1, 2017

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Cross Refs.:

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