Policy GC

No teacher is regularly employed by the School Board or paid from public funds unless such teacher

  • holds a license or provisional license issued by the Board of Education,
  • holds a three-year license to teach high school career and technical education courses in specified subject areas or
  • is hired to teach in a trade and industrial education program and for whom the teacher licensure requirements have been waived by the Virginia Department of Education.

If a teacher employed under a provisional license is activated or deployed for military service within a school year (July 1 - June 30), an additional year will be added to the teacher's provisional license for each school year or portion thereof during which the teacher is activated or deployed. The additional year shall be granted the year following the return of the teacher from deployment or activation.

The Superintendent may request that the Board of Education extend the three-year provisional license of a teacher for at least one year but no more than two additional years. The request must be accompanied by the Superintendent’s recommendation for such extension and satisfactory performance evaluations for the teacher for each year of the original three-year license.

The Board of Education prescribes, by regulation, the requirements for the licensure for teachers and other school personnel required to hold a license. On recommendation of the Superintendent, the School Board may waive applicable licensing requirements as specified Va. Code § 22.1-298.1 for any individual the School Board seeks to employ as a career and technical education teacher who is also seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license with an endorsement in the area of career and technical education.

Adopted: March 5, 2019

Legal Refs.:

Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-298.1, 22.1-299, 22.1- 299.5 and 22.1-299.6.