Policy GCB

The School Board enters into written contracts with teachers, principals, assistant principals, and supervisors as defined in 8 VAC 20-441-10 before such employees assume their duties except as noted below. Contracts are in the form permitted by the Board of Education, with special covenants added by the School Board as appropriate. Contracts are signed in duplicate, with a copy furnished to each party.

Written contracts are not required with persons who are temporarily employed. A temporarily employed teacher, is 1) one who is employed to substitute for a contracted teacher for a temporary period of time during the contracted teacher's absence, or 2) one who is employed to fill a teacher vacancy for a period of time, but for no longer than 90 teaching days in such vacancy, unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction on a case-by-case basis, during one school year.

Coaching contracts and contracts for extracurricular activity sponsorship assignments where a monetary supplement is paid are separate from the employee’s primary contract. Such contracts are in a form permitted by the Board of Education. Termination of the separate contract does not constitute cause for the termination of the primary contract.

For purposes of this policy, "extracurricular activity sponsorship" means an assignment for which a monetary supplement is received, requiring responsibility for any student organizations, clubs, or groups such as service clubs, academic clubs and teams, cheerleading squads, student publication and literary groups, and visual and performing arts organizations except those that are conducted in conjunction with regular classroom, curriculum, or instructional programs.

Adopted: March 5, 2019

Legal Refs.:

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