Policy GCE-RZ

A. Generally

A pool of qualified substitute teachers is maintained by the department of personnel services through the absence management system. The principal or a person designated by the principal engages the services of the substitute as needed to carry on the duties of a teacher, secretary or nurse who is absent. No substitute may be employed who is not on the approved list.

B. Procedures

1. Prior to the opening of school each year, the approved list for the previous year is reviewed and revised

2. Each month from August through May new applications are processed and an addendum is issued to update the basic list.

3. Each list contains the following information for the substitute: name, address, telephone number, social security number, pay level, subject and/or grade that can be taught.

C. Pay Levels/Extended Service Pay

1. Three pay levels are used as appropriate.

Pay Level 1: Non-Degree
Pay Level 2: Degree
Pay Level 3: Valid Virginia License

2. The appropriate daily rate of pay shall apply for all temporary substitute teacher services. When it is necessary to employ a substitute teacher for ten (10) or more consecutive days in the same assignment, such employment should be approved in advance by the director of personnel. The pay for long-term teachers shall be the appropriate daily rate plus a per diem rate as determined by the current budget.

D. Communications

1. As the effectiveness of substitute teachers can only be assessed on the job, each principal must assume the responsibility for reports of incompetence directly to the department of personnel. Based on such reports, inadequate substitutes will be removed from the approved list and so notified.

2. Any discrepancy or error found in the substitute list should be reported to the department of personnel services immediately.

E. Compensation

Compensation for substitutes will be determined annually and will be listed on the website.

F. Substitute Instructional Assistants

Substitute instructional assistants shall:

  1. have a minimum of sixty (60) college credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university;
  2. have a successful background check;
  3. provide three satisfactory job references.

Adopted: March 5, 2019