Policy GCI-RZ

When, in the judgment of the Superintendent, it is necessary to transfer an employee of the School Board to a different assignment within the division, an effort will be made to confer with such employee and his/her supervisor prior to effecting the transfer. Teachers within a school may be reassigned at the discretion of the principal.

When it is necessary to transfer teachers due to decreasing student enrollment or changes in instructional patterns, teachers in the affected grade level in elementary schools or affected content area in secondary schools will be asked to volunteer. Should there be no volunteers in the affected area, the teacher(s) at the affected site within the affected grade level or content area with the least seniority in Lynchburg City Schools (as defined in School Board Policy GCPA-RZ) will be transferred.

Approved by Superintendent: September 17, 1974
Revised by Superintendent: August 4, 1992
Revised by School Board: October 18, 2005
Revised by School Board: August 1, 2017