Policy GCPD

A. Probation and Dismissal
Teachers may be dismissed for incompetency, immorality, non-compliance with school laws and regulations, disability in accordance with State and federal law, conviction of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude, or other good and just cause. "Incompetency" includes, but is not limited to, consistent failure to meet the endorsement requirements for the position or one or more unsatisfactory performance evaluations.

A teacher shall be dismissed if such teacher is or becomes the subject of a founded complaint of child abuse and neglect, pursuant to Va. Code § 63.2-1505, and after all rights to an appeal provided by Va. Code § 63.2-1526 have been exhausted. The fact of such finding, after all rights to an appeal provided by Va. Code § 63.2-1526 have been exhausted, shall be grounds for the School Board to recommend that the Board of Education revoke such person's license to teach.

In those instances when licensed personnel are dismissed or resign due to a conviction of any felony; any offense involving the sexual molestation, physical or sexual abuse or rape of a child; any offense involving drugs; or due to having become the subject of a founded case of child abuse or neglect, the School Board shall notify the Board of Education within 10 business days of such dismissal or the acceptance of such resignation.

If a current employee is dismissed because of information appearing on his/her criminal history record, the School Board shall provide a copy of the information obtained from the Central Criminal Records Exchange to the employee.

Administrative regulations shall be developed for the dismissal or placing on probation of continuing contract teachers and probationary teachers during the school year.

No teacher shall be dismissed or placed on probation solely on the basis of the teachers' refusal to submit to a polygraph examination requested by the School Board.

B. Suspension
Employees of Lynchburg City School Board may be suspended as provided in Policy GCPF Suspension of Staff Members.

C. Failure to Perform Nonemergency Health-Related Services
With the exception of school administrative personnel and employees who have the specific duty to deliver health-related services, no licensed instructional employee, instructional aide, or clerical employee shall be disciplined, placed on probation, or dismissed on the basis of such employee's refusal to (i) perform nonemergency health-related services for students or (ii) obtain training in the administration of insulin and glucagon. However, instructional aides and clerical employees may not refuse to dispense oral medications.

"Health-related services" means those activities which, when performed in a health care facility, must be delivered by or under the supervision of a licensed or certified professional.

D. Effect of Probation Pursuant to Va. Code §18.2-251
For purposes of this policy, a court’s placing an individual on probation pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-251 shall be treated as a conviction and as a finding of guilt.

Adopted: August 1, 2017

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