Policy GDN-RZ

The Lynchburg City School Board has directed that an evaluation program for classified personnel be developed under the direction of the Superintendent. It is the desire of the School Board and the administrative staff to involve classified employees of the Lynchburg City Schools in a cooperatively developed procedure. Personnel to be evaluated under this procedure are all employees assigned to the classified salary schedule.

A. Purpose

The evaluation process for the classified personnel of the Lynchburg City Schools is designed primarily to assist them in the improvement of job performance and to make decisions with regard to classified employees. In addition, the purpose of the evaluation process shall be to assist classified employees to overcome identified weaknesses, and to assist in the retention of employees who have demonstrated performance which is satisfactory or above.

B. Procedure

1. Within two weeks of the start date, the immediate supervisor should inform all classified employees of the evaluation procedure, schedule, and evaluation instrument. A copy of the evaluation instrument should be provided to all classified employees.

2. Each classified employee shall be evaluated on an annual basis by the principal and/or the immediate supervisor. All supervisors with whom the employee works should be involved in the evaluation. The annual evaluation shall be completed on or before May 1 of each school year. The evaluation schedule and procedure is to be used in the evaluation of all classified employees. Because of the transiency of bus drivers, they are to be evaluated annually by the supervisor of transportation. The supervisor is urged to utilize the services of principals and assistant principals to assist in the evaluation of a bus driver(s).

3. A classified employee during his/her first year of employment and each experienced classified employee who is not performing satisfactorily shall be evaluated on or before January 15 with feedback for improvement, if necessary. Additional evaluations shall be at the discretion of the building administrator and/or immediate supervisor.

4. If a classified employee is evaluated as less than satisfactory on the final evaluation, a conference with a personnel administrator may be requested by the classified employee.

5. Areas to be evaluated include:

  1. Quality of work
  2. Job knowledge
  3. Attitude
  4. Attendance and punctuality
  5. Character Traits
  6. Possesses skill and judgment in the use of equipment
  7. Interpersonal relations

C. Written Comments

1. When ratings are less than satisfactory, the evaluator shall make recommendations and provide pertinent comments in the remark section of the evaluation instrument. These remarks should outline the strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement in the performance of the employee who has been rated less than satisfactory.

2. The classified employee may submit written information, with regard to specific factors of the evaluation, to the principal and/or immediate supervisor. The classified employee must submit any rebuttal or additional information within five (5) working days after the final annual evaluation.

Approved by Superintendent: September 16, 1980
Revised by Superintendent: August 20, 1984
Revised by School Board: September 20, 2011
Revised by School Board: March 5, 2019