All volunteer programs will operate under the management and supervision of the building principal. A School Volunteer Coordinator (SVC) will be appointed from school administrative staff by the principal to facilitate the volunteer programs.

All volunteers, except coaches, must complete the Application for Volunteer Service. The application is available online at http://www.lcsedu.net/community/volunteer. A volunteer applicant will not be allowed to volunteer until the background check is complete and they have been approved in the Raptor system. If information received from the background check of a volunteer results in a discovery that an applicant is not suitable to serve as a volunteer in Lynchburg City Schools, a letter will be sent from the Superintendent’s office notifying the building principal and the potential volunteer. All volunteers serve at the discretion of the Superintendent. Anyone convicted of a felony offense will be disqualified from volunteer activity. Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor may be disqualified depending upon the nature of the offense and/or volunteer activity.

Volunteer assistant athletic coaches, and coaches paid by third party organizations, must be screened according to the procedures for all Lynchburg City Schools employees.

Each school must conduct an orientation appropriate to the activity for its volunteers in which the Volunteer Guidelines, the Code of Student Conduct, and policy GAB and regulation GAB-R Acceptable Computer System Use are reviewed in depth. Chaperones should receive an orientation before the event or trip. School Volunteer Coordinators should emphasize that these guidelines are being provided for reasons of safety, protection, and uniformity. Among other things, volunteers should understand that it is the supervising teacher who will take necessary disciplinary action against a student, and not the volunteer.

Traditional Volunteer: any individual or group of individuals, who, of their own free will, contribute goods or services to any Lynchburg City schools without pay or regard for their own personal gain.

Regular Service Volunteer: persons working on a regular basis at scheduled times and at regularly scheduled tasks.
Occasional Service Volunteer: individuals or groups of residents who provide a one time or occasional task.

School Volunteer Coordinator (SVC): a staff member from a LCS school with the responsibility, among other things, of coordinating volunteer services

Volunteer Guidelines
The following responsibilities and expectations will apply to all Lynchburg City School volunteers:

  1. The volunteer will operate only under the direct supervision of the principal or his/her designee.
  2. The volunteer must be willing to accept direction and supervision from school staff.
  3. The volunteer may provide assistance to students as directed by the appropriate school supervisor but may not do the work for the students.
  4. The volunteer must treat students with fairness, honesty, patience, and kindness.
  5. The volunteer must set a good example by being courteous and respectful of students and staff.
  6. The volunteer must be knowledgeable of classroom rules and practices and emergency procedures. He or she must be familiar with the Volunteer Guidelines and the Code of Student Conduct.
  7. The volunteer will report discipline issues to the appropriate staff member immediately.
  8. The volunteer will respect the privacy of students and school staff and will not divulge confidential information.
  9. Volunteers may not bring any children with them when volunteering.
  10. The volunteer agrees to follow the School Board's policy GAB & regulation GAB-R Acceptable Computer System Use.

Approved: August 18, 2015