Policy JC

School attendance areas for each school are established by the School Board. Students attend the school in the attendance area in which they reside and to which they are assigned, unless special permission is granted by the School Board.

The Superintendent is responsible for establishing an application process which may include the following

  • A process by which a parent or guardian indicates a school preference for purposes of his child attending a school in the division but outside of the attendance area in which the child resides
  • A requirement that the parent or guardian provide transportation for the student attending a school outside the attendance zone in which the child resides
  • A requirement that the student may be disqualified from attending a school outside the attendance area in which the child resides if he has been subject to specified disciplinary actions
  • A prohibition on the recruitment of a student from one school to another by a school division employee
  • A limitation on participation in certain athletic activities for a student who chooses to attend a school outside the attendance zone in which he resides
  • A random, unbiased selection process in the event enrollment requests exceed the capacity of a school
  • A provision that a student will be permitted to remain at the receiving school until the student has completed the highest grade level in that school
  • A preference to a student
    • who resides in a location that has been subject to a change in school attendance area during the previous two years
    • who has a sibling attending the receiving school, or
    • whose parent or guardian is an employee of the receiving school

Changes in attendance areas are determined by the School Board, upon recommendation of the Superintendent based on the need to provide for the orderly administration of the schools, the competent instruction of the students and the health, safety, best interests and general welfare of all students.

Adopted: May 7, 2019

Legal Refs.:

Code of Virginia, 1950 as amended, §§ 22.1-78, 22.1-79, 22.1-253.13:7.

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