Policy JECY-R

The following regulations govern when a family moves out of the city:

1. Tuition charges commence on the date that the family establishes residence outside of the city. When a move is discovered after the fact, tuition is due from the beginning of the school year or from the date of the move. The family must provide documentation of the date of the move.

2. If a family moves from the city and seeks to transfer custody to a person living in the city, the family is responsible for filing a copy of the court petition document in the Superintendent's office. When a determination is made by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, the family must file a copy of the decision in the Superintendent's office. If the petition is denied the family must either pay the back tuition and remain in the city school or transfer the student to the appropriate school system.

3. If a student establishes residence in the city and does not live with a parent or legal guardian, the student or family of the student must pay tuition until the student reaches age eighteen (18).

Approved by Superintendent: August 1, 1989
Revised by the School Board: April 19, 2016