Policy JECZ

Nonresident children whose parents/guardians are full-time contracted staff members of the Lynchburg City Schools are eligible for admission tuition-free in the Lynchburg City Schools upon authorization by the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee. If additional services are required or the student attends a special program, the cost of such additional services or special program will be assessed to the employee based on the cost of the required services or programs to Lynchburg City Schools.

Nonresident students will be assigned to a school with the approval of the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee. Nonresident students will be admitted only on a space-available basis and contingent upon a review of the student’s scholastic and discipline records.

The parent/guardian must annually submit a Non-Resident Student Application Form.

Nonresident students who have been suspended from their former school(s) or who have poor attendance or disciplinary records or reportable offenses may not be accepted. Nonresident students who have disciplinary problems, attendance problems (including tardiness), poor academic effort, or reportable offenses after enrollment are subject to immediate removal from the school division.

Nonresident children whose parents/guardians are full-time contracted employees of LCS are eligible to apply for admission to one of the schools of innovation, the Gifted Opportunities Center, Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology, Early College Program, and XLR8 (STEM) Academy. Acceptance into one of the programs listed above will be on a space-available basis and only after consideration has been made for students residing in the division. One exception is that children of employees who work at a school for innovation may be considered as a zoned student for purposes of being able to enroll in that school.

Adopted by School Board: April 4, 2006
Revised by School Board: April 19, 2016
Revised by School Board: May 16, 2017
Revised by School Board: July 10, 2018

Legal Refs.:

Code of Va., §§ 22.1-5, 22.1-101.1, 22.1-255