Policy JECZ-R

The following regulations will govern the enrollment of nonresident children who reside with a parent/guardian who is a full-time contracted staff members of Lynchburg City Schools:

1. Applicants will be considered for placement on a space available basis, based on the date the application is received.  One exception is that children of employees who work at a school for innovation may be considered as a zoned student for purposes of being able to enroll in that school.

2. Nonresident students’ enrollment will be contingent upon a review of the students’ scholastic and academic records.

3. The school division may not accept nonresident students who have been suspended from their former school(s) or who have poor attendance or disciplinary records or reportable offenses.

4. Nonresident students who have disciplinary problems, attendance problems (including tardiness), poor academic effort, or commit reportable offenses after enrollment are subject to immediate removal from the school division.

5. If the parent/guardian leaves the employ of the Lynchburg City Schools and if the child(ren) remain in the Lynchburg City Schools, the school division will begin charging tuition the day after the date of termination of employment for the remainder of the school year.

6. Nonresident parents/guardians must provide transportation to school for their nonresident children.

7. Parents/guardians must annually submit a Non-Resident Student Application Form.

8. When possible, and as space allows, consideration will be given to placing siblings at the same site.

9. Students will be placed at eligible elementary schools based on the following priority order:

  1. Zoned students
  2. Students whose parent works at the school site
  3. Public School Choice students
  4. Elementary School Reassignment (Babysitter hardship)
  5. Students whose parent is a resident and an employee at a site other than the requested school
  6. Nonresident employees’ children
  7. Tuition-paying students

10. Resident full-time contracted staff members who move out of the city and who wish their children to remain in the Lynchburg City Schools must submit the Non-Resident Student Application Form immediately or tuition will be assessed.

Adopted by School Board: April 4, 2006
Revised by School Board:  April 19, 2016
Revised by School Board:  May 16, 2017