Policy JFCB-RZ

1. In order to be eligible to try out or to participate in Virginia High School League (VHSL) and all other co curricular activities, the student must be in good standing and be enrolled as a full time student in Lynchburg City Schools at the time of the athletic season, the student athlete must submit to a physical examination and give the coach (or his/her designee) the completed examination, properly signed by the VHSL approved, medical professional, parent/guardian, and student granting permission for the athlete to participate in the sport. The physical examination must be conducted after May 1 for participation in athletics for the succeeding school year and must be completed before the student will be allowed to participate in any manner. This includes out of season practice and try outs for all interscholastic teams including cheerleading squads.

2. Students must meet eligibility requirements as outlined by the VHSL, and all additional requirements by the Lynchburg City School Board including, but not limited to, the student athlete code of conduct and the student code of conduct.

3. In the case of high school athletics, the Lynchburg City Schools will abide by all provisions of the most recent editions of the Virginia High School League, Inc. Handbook and the Lynchburg City Schools High School Student Athlete Handbook.

4. Each high school student athlete must read the Lynchburg City Schools Concussion Policy and sign the Lynchburg City Schools’ Concussion Form; a parent or guardian must also signify agreement with this policy.

5. In the case of middle school athletics, the Lynchburg City Schools will abide by all provisions of the most recent edition of the Lynchburg City Schools Middle School Student Athlete Handbook.

6. Each middle school student athlete and a parent/guardian shall sign a certification indicating compliance with the Lynchburg City Schools Middle School Student Athlete Handbook prior to engaging in any athletic practice. This shall be kept on file by the middle school athletic director.

7. Students must pass at least five subjects per semester to remain eligible.

8. Student athletes receiving a grade in any subject of less than “C” on an interim or report card shall be assigned to stud y hall and shall remain in study hall until the next interim or report card on which all grades are “C” or better.

Adopted: August 6, 2019