Policy KG-RZ

A. General
The Lynchburg City Schools welcomes the use of the school facilities by the community for purposes directly related to the educational, civic, cultural, recreational and social life of the community. The school division recognizes that the primary purpose of school facilities is to implement the school division’s instructional, extracurricular, and school-sponsored programs and that other usage shall not interfere with these programs.

Permission to use facilities shall be allowed at the discretion of the school division and will be given with the understanding that the user assumes full financial responsibility and liability for actions of attendees, care of equipment, and protection of school property.

Programs and activities of users must be lawful and must conform to all of the policies of the school board. Permission will not be denied due to content or views expressed by the organization.

B. Use of Facilities

1. Who May Use the Facilities

Established organizations within the city (parent/teacher organizations, booster groups, governmental and quasi-governmental public service bodies, religious, business/industrial organizations) serving the residents of the citymay apply to use school facilities provided the use is for an educational, civic, cultural, recreational, social or other legitimate purpose of the organization. In addition, outside organizations may apply to use school facilities, provided they meet all the requirements for such use.

2. Classification of Users

To ensure the care and preservation of school facilities and equipment and to ensure fairness and consistency in the implementation of school board policy governing use of facilities, the following categories have been established. These categories are to determine priority for facility use and a schedule fee has been provided for approved users when space and facilities are available.

Approval of all applications will be based upon the following criteria: benefits to the school division and the community; educational contribution; potential wear and tear on school facilities; appropriateness of the activity; and relationship of the activity to the stated mission of the school division.

The use of school facilities for K-12 school instructional and extracurricular programs, meeting of students, teachers, parent/teacher organizations or other organizations directly affiliated with the schools will have precedence over all other requests.

Of the four categories, Category 1 will be given the highest priority and Category 4 the lowest priority. However, every effort will be made to accommodate all requests. Generally, those who are in Category 1 will only be charged for after-hours use of school division personnel.

  1. Category 1: Lynchburg City Schools Use (Billed charges: No rent, charge for staff overtime)

    LCS-sponsored educational or interscholastic activities limited to student and school related functions.

  2. Category 2: Educational Support Groups/Government Agency Programs/Community Programs (Billed charges: No rent, no charge for staff)
    1. Educational Support Groups: Could include but are not limited to partner groups providing educational or support services for the schools (including fund raising activities).
    2. Government Agencies/Community Programs providing student or citizen enrichment and support. Government Agency Programs could include but are not limited to: the Department of Parks and Recreation and their partner programs, government meetings, and government polling sites.
  3. Category 3: Non-Profit Groups (Billed charges: 50% of rental rate, plus expenses related to the event)

    Non-Profit Groups: Defined as governmental agencies, church groups, or organized groups that provide civic, educational, religious or cultural activities. Groups may need to show proof of non-profit status.

    (Examples could include but are not limited to: civic organizations, community theatre, scout troops, little league (not partnered with Department of Parks and Recreation), and churches.

  4. Category 4: Private Citizen Use/For Profit Groups/Commercial Users (Billed charges: Rent, expenses related to event)

    Private Citizen Use/For-Profit Groups/Commercial Users: Defined as groups, other than those identified in Categories 1, 2, and 3, interested in using school facilities for a particular use such as recreational, educational, and cultural activities.

* The Heritage High School indoor track is billed at a flat fee and there will be no discounts or reduced rates

C. Process to Obtain a Facility Use Reservation
1. All organizations requesting facility use must submit a facility use application form. All applications for facility use must be processed through the Lynchburg City Schools Facility Scheduling Office.

2. All facility use requests must be submitted on district forms which are accessible via the LCS website. Completed forms are routed electronically through the approval process with final approval by the Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Administration or his/her designee. Requests will be made at least thirty (30) days prior to, and up to one year in advance, of the scheduled facility use. Category 1 users must obtain permission from the building principal.

3. The Facility Scheduling Office cannot “hold” space for any organization.

4. Facilities are rented and reserved on a first come, first served basis. When requests for the same facility at the same time are made, Category 1 has the highest priority and Category 4 the least.

5. The application must be submitted by a designated person who will be responsible for the event. This person must be at least 21 years of age.

6. Once the application is received and approved, the Facility Scheduling Office will calculate estimated fees and send the approved application to the applicant. Once the applicant signs and returns the form, the form becomes the Contract between the Lynchburg City Schools and the applicant. The Contract will contain the details of the event, a summary of fees, and a copy of this administrative regulation will be provided. This Contract, along with the required deposit of 50 percent of estimated fees, must be signed and returned to the Facility Scheduling Office within 10 business days of receipt for the reservation to be approved and confirmed.

7. Representatives who have been granted permission to use facilities shall not reassign, transfer, sublet or charge a fee to others for the use of school property.

8. A certificate of insurance must be provided at least two weeks prior to event. (See Liability and Insurance section below.)

D. Cancellations
1. User must give 15 days’ notice prior to cancellation of the event. Notification of cancellation less than 15 days before the scheduled time of use will result in forfeiture of the deposit. All cancellations must be received in writing in the Facilities Scheduling Office.

2. School events may take precedence over any previously requested reserved space. The Facilities Scheduling Office will do everything possible to accommodate your group when this occurs with as much notice as possible.

3. The Lynchburg City Schools reserves the right to cancel events due to inclement weather, emergency, school use, or any other circumstances which would make the space unusable. Every effort will be made to reschedule the event at a mutually agreeable location, date, and time. If this is not possible, a full refund will be given.

E. Liability and Insurance
1. A Proof of Liability/Personal Injury/Bodily Injury and Property Damage Insurance Certificate is required for non-school groups for each event in the amount of at least $1,000,000 for Bodily Injury and $1,000,000 for Property Damage, with the Lynchburg City Schools named as "an additional insured" on the policy. User is responsible for obtaining the insurance.

2. A copy of the insurance certificate is due in the Facilities Scheduling Office at least two weeks prior to the event.

3. User’s failure to present proof of insurance voids all agreements and permission to use facilities.

4. All users must agree to hold harmless the Lynchburg City Schools and its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses including attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from applicants’ use of school division facilities. A Hold Harmless statement will accompany the signed application form/contract.

F. Payment
1. The individual(s) who signed the application are responsible for payment of all charges associated with the related facility use.

2. Payment in full is due 10 business days prior to the event in the Facilities Scheduling Office. All rental fees will be computed based on information contained in the application. Any additional time, facilities, or services will result in extra charges to the applicant. Additional charges are billed after the event and are due within 30 days.

3. Late payments are subject to a 1.0 percent per month fee on unpaid balances.

G. On-Site Rules
In order to protect the interests of the school board when school buildings and facilities are rented or are being used by non-rental fee paying organizations or groups, the Superintendent or his designee may, when it is deemed necessary, require that the user employ a designated school board employee, familiar with the particular school building and its facilities, to supervise the area during the rental or use and be responsible for school-owned equipment.

1. User groups are expected to leave all rooms and furniture in the condition and arrangement in which they were found. Any additional custodial services which are necessary to setup, breakdown, and return the facility to the condition in which it was originally found shall be performed by school division staff and charged to the user. All Lynchburg City Schools staff time for the event will be billed to the user.

2. Messages on whiteboards or chalkboards in the classroom areas are NOT to be disturbed. If the user needs the use of whiteboards or chalkboards, it must be specifically requested.

3. The user shall not allow any alcoholic beverages to be present or consumed in school buildings or on school property.

4. The user shall not allow the use of tobacco products in school buildings, on school property, including school division-owned vehicles.

5. The user is not entitled to use areas or equipment not specifically requested and approved per the Facility Use Application Form. Use of technology equipment must be specifically requested and approved.

6. All activities must be under competent adult supervision. Children attending this event must be supervised by an adult at all times.

7. User groups must take reasonable steps to insure orderly behavior of attendees at the event. The Lynchburg City Schools will determine and schedule safety and security services. In addition, LCS may require that additional school employees be present during the period of use. The user will be billed for these services.

8. Users will be responsible for paying for all damage incurred during their use of the facility or equipment, including property of pupils and employees. The rental space will be inspected by a school division staff member and the user before and after the event. In the event that property loss or damage is incurred during use or occupancy of school division facilities, the amount of damage shall be determined by the Lynchburg City Schools, and a bill for damages will be presented to the group using the facilities. Payment for damage must be made within 30 days of receipt of the bill. The Lynchburg City Schools will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or personal property.

9. Approved users are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to the building area and facilities specified.

10. No pets of any kind are permitted on school property. Service animals are permitted.

11. Approved users must comply with all applicable city and state fire and safety regulations at all times. The user shall ensure that the corridors, exits, and stairways are kept free of obstructions and that members of the audience or spectators do not stand or sit in a manner that blocks exits, aisle ways, or stairways. The user shall observe facility capacities as determined by the Fire Marshal.

12. Only decoration materials acceptable to the local Fire Marshal shall be used. The user shall remove all decorations immediately after the event.

13. Only LCS personnel may move or direct movement of equipment, furniture, etc. If stage curtains, projection equipment, lighting, and PA systems are to be used, arrangements will be made with Facility Scheduling Office to provide technically qualified personnel to perform and/or supervise the tasks at wage rate specified in the Tiered Fee Schedule.

14. No food/drink items of any type are to be served in LCS facilities without the prior knowledge and consent of Facility Scheduling Office. Should a kitchen area be desired for use, it is understood that an approved member of the school cafeteria staff will be required to supervise the kitchen. The user will be billed for these services.

15. Applicant must have their approved Facility Use Contract in their possession at the event.

16. The user is responsible for the payment of all city, state, and federal taxes, assessments, or levies now or hereafter levied because of this use. If charging an admission fee, the user should contact the Lynchburg Commissioner of Revenue (434-455-3884) two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

17. A copy of the OSHA Standards applicable to the use of any Lynchburg City Schools facility will be provided to the user.

18. The user shall not offer for sale more tickets than the capacity of the rented space.

19. Fireworks, open flames and other sources of fire are strictly prohibited.

H. Additional On-Site Rules for Athletic Field Use
1. Vehicles, bicycles, scooters, skates, skateboards, etc., are prohibited on fields or tracks.

2. Due to the surfacing of the tracks, individuals using the tracks must limit footwear to flat smooth-soled walking/tennis shoes. Absolutely no cleats are allowed on the tracks. Two inches, or less, cleats are acceptable on all fields. One quarter inch, or less, track spikes are allowed on tracks and field event areas only. Rubber crosswalks are required on the tracks.

3. Food, gum, peanuts, popcorn, and sunflower seeds are prohibited on synthetic turf fields and tracks.

4. No additional field markings or painting on fields is allowed.

5. Chairs, tables and/or tents shall not be placed on tracks or synthetic turf fields.


Lynchburg City Schools Facility Rental Rates and Fees

Site Rental Rate (Hourly) Minimum Notes
ECG Civic Auditorium     3 hr. min. for auditoriums
Event Day $250 $750  
Pre-event day(s) $125 $375  
HHS Auditorium      
Event Day $200 $600  
Pre-event day(s) $100 $300  
PLDMSI Auditorium $100 $300  
WMBES Auditorium $75 $225  
TCMESI Auditorium $75 $225  
RSPES Auditorium $75 $225  
HHS Gym $150 $300 2 hr. min. for gyms
ECG Gym $150 $300  
ECG Aux Gym $125 $250  
Gym Locker Rooms (No Gym Rental) $25 $50  
PLDMSI Gym $100 $200  
LMS Gym $100 $200  
LMS Aux Gym (No Outside
$100 $200  
SMS Gym $100 $200  
SMS Aux Gym $100 $200  
WMBES Gym $50 $100  
TCMESI Gym $50 $100  
RSPES Gym $50 $100  
HS Artificial Turf Fields $100   All other spaces are hourly
HS Grass Fields $50    
ECG Baseball $50    
HHS Baseball $75    
ECG/HHS Softball $50    
Outdoor Track $50    
HHS Indoor Track $2500 for a 5 hour track meet -- $250/hour for each additional hour after the first 5 hours
Middle School Field $50    
Elem. Field $25    
Classrooms $25    
HHS Lecture Hall Forum $35    
ECG Lecture Hall $35    
ECG Automotive $50    
Kitchen $50    
Cafeteria - MS and HS $100    
Elem. Multipurpose Rms. $50    
Outside area/parking (No other space rented) $75/day    


Additional Fees

Police/Fire $40 per hour each
Lynchburg City Schools Staff $20 per hour each
Athletic Field Lights $25 per hour
Athletic Field – Scoreboard/PA System $25 per hour
Additional Athletic Field Prep/Marking $25 per hour
High School Stage Pit Cover Removal $100 per event
Follow Spotlight $35 per event
Grand Piano
$100 per day

Adopted: June 19, 1973
Revised: August 16, 1977
Revised: October 17, 1978
Revised: February 15, 2011
Revised: February 18, 2014
Revised: July 11, 2017