Policy KHZ-R

The School Board encourages gifts from individuals, community groups and organizations to benefit the Division’s educational mission. The School Board reserves the right to accept or decline any proposed gifts. The purpose of this Regulation is to establish the criteria and procedure for evaluating any gifts that may be offered to the School Division.

The Superintendent is authorized to accept or decline on behalf of the School Board, any gifts offered to the Division with a value less than $5,000. The Superintendent will report to the School Board any gifts offered to the Division with a value of $5,000 or more, along with any recommendations and/or a proposed gift agreement, as deemed appropriate.

Gifts will not be accepted if they would undermine the goal of equal educational opportunities to all students, or if the terms of acceptance unreasonably interfere with the School Board’s control of its operation of the Division.

Gifts, donations and bequests to the School Division should:

  • Be reasonably free of restrictions on their use;
  • Not contain overt advertising or reflect commercial interests;
  • Support equity in access to educational resources;
  • Include installation costs, if significant;
  • Not require excessive maintenance, personnel or other costs; and
  • Be consistent with the Division’s vision, mission and goals.

All gifts to a specific school must be approved by the building principal. If the total value of gift(s) from a donor during the school year will exceed $1,000, gifts over that amount must be approved by the Superintendent/designee prior to acceptance.

If a gift would include the naming of a fixture (such as a bench, tree or painting) or an intangible thing (such as a program or endowment), the Naming Considerations contained in Paragraph III of Policy FFA Naming School Facilities, shall be considered before accepting the gift or recommending acceptance by the School Board, as applicable.

Before accepting any gifts that would involve the management of funds, the Superintendent or his designee will verify that appropriate procedures have been implemented for the proper handling of the funds.

Approved: December 16, 2014