Policy KJ

The Lynchburg City School Board desires to maintain a state of neutrality as far as advertising in the school system. However, it is important that students be protected from exploitation bymeans of advertising and advertising schemes in the schools. Because of the importance of maintaining neutrality, no advertisement inside nor outside of school property nor in any school publications shall promote or display any of the following products or activities: drugs, alcohol,  tobacco, sexual activities, violence, gang or gang related activities, racial or ethnic discrimination, weapons, tattoo parlors, body piercing, or any products or activities that are prohibited in the school.

Even though the School Board recognizes, appreciates and encourages the support given by civic and community clubs, businesses, and individuals through their gifts, advertisements in school annuals, papers, and athletic programs, the Lynchburg City School Board and individual schools do not endorse nor imply endorsement of any commercial product or endeavor. All requests for endorsement should be directed to the Superintendent or Superintendent's designee.

Except as provided in this policy, neither the facilities, nor the staff, nor the students of any school may be used in any manner for advertising or otherwise promoting the interests of any commercial or other non-school organization.

School organizations must secure approval from the principal before soliciting advertisement for school publications. If there is need for policy clarification, the principal shall consult with the Superintendent. Commercial establishments whose primary source of revenue is the sale of intoxicants or tobacco products may not advertise in school publications.

Principals may permit the posting of announcements, notices, and signs in designated areas of the schools if the advertised activity will contribute to the students’ education or if the proceeds of the activity will benefit the programs of instruction or extra-curricular activities.

No advertisement shall contain any message that, in the discretion of the principal, would be likely to disrupt the safe and orderly operation of the school, or materially and substantially disrupt the education process, or be vulgar, lewd or plainly offensive. Additionally, no preference shall be given to one advertiser over another. Nothing in this policy shall be deemed to prohibit a principal from permitting a plaque or sign to be displayed in recognition of sponsorship of an activity or event or of the donation of an item or the funding for an item approved by the principal in conjunction with an educational or extra-curricular program. The Superintendent may at his or her discretion authorize announcements for community-wide social service agencies or other community activities of particular educational merit. These activities and programs must have educational or recreational merit.

The principal of a school may permit advertising in or on school facilities but such advertising will only be permitted in public assembly areas such as gymnasium and/or outdoor athletic fields, but not in areas used exclusively for instructional activities including classrooms, cafeterias, school corridors, auditoriums, or school buses. Any advertising signs/billboards will not be allowed to display any of the products/activities outlined in Section A above and if used for fundraising activities must be renewed annually. Proceeds from advertising shall be accounted for in accordance with applicable law and policy. Any fundraising project approved prior to the approval of the policy is grandfathered.

School facilities or equipment may not be used as a means of producing or disseminating to the community any materials that advertises or promotes a political party, a political cause, or the candidacy of an individual for public office. Students and employees of the board shall not be permitted to distribute campaign literature within the school or on school grounds. When school buildings or grounds are used as polling places, the prohibition noted above on posting signs and disseminating materials shall be waived on the day of the election.

Adopted: February 18, 2014
Revised: May 6, 2014

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Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, § 22.1-78.

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