Policy KMAZ-R

A. Purpose
The purpose of the Principal's Parent Advisory Council is to link the community to the school and advise the principal on matters of governance, curriculum, and instruction.

B. Specific Functions
Functions include, but are not limited to

  1. advising (i.e. to provide input regarding curriculum, discipline issues)
  2. assisting in planning goals for the school (i.e., annual school goals)
  3. researching and gathering information concerning educational innovations
  4. assisting in providing support services
  5. being a liaison for the school and community
  6. disseminating information
  7. building support for the school and its goals

The Parent Advisory Council's role is advisory in nature. The principal will consider recommendations, opinions, viewpoints, and suggestions offered by the council.

C. Composition
The composition of the group should reflect the demographics of the students served within the school (i.e., race, socioeconomic level, geographical location). The council should consist of nine to twenty-one members. The council must include the principal, at least one parent who is also on the Superintendent's Parent Advisory Council, one or two community representatives, and one member from the PTA/PTO Executive Board. Other members may include a parent(s) representing each grade level. Teachers and other staff members will participate at the discretion of the principal.

D. Meetings
A minimum of four meetings should be scheduled throughout the school year with the first meeting being held before the end of October. Although the principal will develop an agenda for discussions, each council representative may submit items which will be placed on the meeting agenda. Parents should submit topics to the principal through a written communication or telephone call one week prior to each meeting so members can be notified regarding the agenda.

E. Length of Service
The length of service should not exceed two years with appointments being one year in length. Principals should consider a rotation process which provides a source of continuity through relationships which develop between veterans and new council members to work together.

F. Role of the Principal
The principal will serve as the chairperson for the council. It is the responsibility of the principal to provide training for the group which could include getting acquainted activities, consensus building, and discussion of the function of the council. Agendas and meeting minutes will be made available to building staff and council members. Schedule of meetings and copies of agendas for each meeting will be forwarded to the Superintendent prior to the meetings and each principal will forward minutes to the Superintendent following each meeting.

Approved by the School Board: September 1, 1992
Revised by the Superintendent: May 22, 2015