Policy LEA

The Lynchburg City School Board cooperates with accredited colleges and universities to provide opportunities for student teaching in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. The first responsibility of the supervising teacher is the education of the students for whom he is responsible.

2. Student teachers will be under the administrative direction of the principal of the school to which they are assigned.

3. Teachers who serve as supervising teachers will have at least three years of teaching experience, with at least one of those years having been in the school to which the student teacher is assigned.

4. All teachers who serve as supervising teachers will be recommended by the principal of the school to the superintendent or designee for approval.

5. A class will have no more than one student teacher during the regular school year.

6. No supervising teacher will have a student teacher assigned to him for more than one semester during the regular school year.

7. A principal may reject or terminate any student teacher who has a negative effect on the instruction or welfare of students.

8. Information concerning students may be available to student teachers at the discretion of the supervising teacher and/or principal. Student teachers will respect the confidential nature of information provided.

9. Student teachers will follow all the policies and regulations of the Lynchburg City School Board that apply to teachers.

Adopted: March 5, 2019

Legal Refs.:

Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, § 22.1-78.

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