Policy P4-1

A. Financial Management
The school board recognizes that money and money management are essential to
support the whole school program. To make that support as effective as possible,
the board shall:

  1. Encourage advance planning through the best possible budget procedures;
  2. Explore all practical sources of financial support;
  3. Guide the expenditure of funds so as to extract the greatest educational return for each dollar spent;
  4. Expect effective accounting and reporting procedures;
  5. Maintain the level of unit expenditure needed to provide high quality education within the ability of the community to pay.

B. Noninstructional Operations
The school board directs that the business segment of the administration shall:

  1. Operate and maintain school plants and equipment at the highest standard of safety;
  2. Promote the health of students and staff;
  3. Reflect the moral and cultural aspirations of the community at its best;
  4. Provide the surrounding necessary to the staff so that the best educational climate can be provided.

Adopted by School Board: June 5, 1973