Policy P4-21

A. Generally
The sale of school property must be for the benefit of the school division and consistent with good business principles. The school board does have the power to make a gift of school property.

B. Personal (movable) Property
The superintendent shall be authorized by the board to sell or exchange personal property not exceeding $1,000.00 per item in value. The superintendent shall make every effort to ensure receiving the best possible price.

Surplus vehicles may be sold:

  1. at public auction,
  2. by a licensed public surplus vendor, or
  3. through Internet sales on eBay or other licensed online services.

C. Real (immovable) Property
The sale or exchange of real property shall be in accordance with state law.

D. Lease
The leasing of real and personal property shall be in accordance with state law.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 22.1-129. Surplus property; sale, exchange or lease of real and personal property. “A. Whenever a school board determines that it has no use for some of its real property, the school board may sell such property and may retain all or a portion of the proceeds of such sale upon approval of the local governing body and after the school board has held a public hearing on such sale and retention of proceeds, or may convey the title to such real property to the county or city or town comprising the school division or, if the school division is composed of more than one county or city, to the county or city in which the property is located. To convey the title, the school board shall adopt a resolution that such real property is surplus and shall record such resolution along with the deed to the property with the clerk of the circuit court for the county or city where such property is located. Upon the recording of the resolution and the deed, the title shall vest in the appropriate county, city or town.

If a school board sells surplus real property, a capital improvement fund shall be established by such school board and the proceeds of such sale retained by the school board shall accrue to such capital improvement fund. The capital improvement fund shall only be used for new school construction, school renovation, and major school maintenance projects.

B. A school board shall have the power to exchange real and personal property, to lease real and personal property either as lessor or lessee, to grant easements on real property, to convey real property in trust to secure loans, to convey real property to adjust the boundaries of the property and to sell personal property in such manner and upon such terms as it deems proper. As lessee of real property, a school board shall have the power to expend funds for capital repairs and improvements on such property, if the lease is for a term equal to or longer than the useful life of such repairs or improvements.

C. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections A and B, a school board shall have the power to sell career and technical education projects and associated land pursuant to § 22.1-234.

Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections A and B, a school board of the City of Virginia Beach shall have the power to sell property to the Virginia Department of Transportation or the Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner when the Commissioner has determined that (i) such conveyance is necessary and (ii) when eminent domain has been authorized for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, maintenance, and repair of the public highways of the Commonwealth, and for all other purposes incidental thereto, including, but not limited to, the relocation of public utilities as may be required.

D. School boards may donate obsolete educational technology hardware and software that is being replaced pursuant to subdivision B 4 of § 22.1-199.1. Any such donations shall be offered to other school divisions, to students, as provided in Board of Education guidelines, and to preschool programs in the Commonwealth.”

(Code 1950, § 22-161; 1968, c. 261; 1973, c. 220; 1980, c. 559; 1989, c. 102; 1991, c. 298; 1995, c. 513; 1997, c. 686; 2000, c. 93; 2001, c. 483; 2005, c. 446; 2007, c. 813.)

Adopted by School Board: January 6, 1981
Revised by School Board: September 3, 1985
Revised by School Board: September 18, 2007