Policy P4-38

All school funds, including student activity accounts and athletic funds handled by school employees or students, shall be properly maintained and recorded. The superintendent shall ensure that each school maintains an accurate account of all funds and that these funds be audited at least once each year.

All record keeping shall be done in accordance with the State Library Board Archives and Records Division’s Records Retention and Disposition Schedules.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 22.1 -68. Records -- Each division superintendent shall ensure that an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of school funds and all statistical information which may be required by the State Board is kept.

Code of Va., § 22.1-89.2 Financial records retention and disposition schedule -- School boards shall retain and dispose of financial records in accordance with the regulations concerning financial records retention and disposition promulgated pursuant to the Virginia Public Records Act (§42.1-76 et seq.) by the State Library Board. However, school boards shall not be required to retain any such records pertaining to nonappropriated school activity funds for longer than five years.

Code of Va., § 42.1-79 Records management function vested in Board; State Library Board to be official custodian; State Archivist -- The archival and records management function shall be vested in the State Library Board. The State Library Board shall be the official custodian and trustee for the Commonwealth of all public records of whatever kind which are transferred to it from any public office of the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof. As the Commonwealth's official repository of public records, The Library of Virginia shall assume administrative control of such records on behalf of the Commonwealth.

The State Librarian shall name a State Archivist who shall perform such functions as the
State Librarian assigns.

Code of Va., § 42.1 -85. Duties of State Librarian; agencies to cooperate; agencies to designate records officer.--" The State Librarian shall administer a records management program for the application of efficient and economical management methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposal of public records consistent with rules, regulations, or standards promulgated by the State Library Board, including operations of a records center or centers. It shall be the duty of the State Librarian to establish procedures and techniques for the effective management of public records, to make continuing surveys of paper work operations, and to recommend improvements in current records management practices, including the use of space, equipment, and supplies employed in creating, maintaining, and servicing records.

It shall be the duty of any agency with public records to cooperate with the State Librarian in conducting surveys and to establish and maintain an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of the records of such agency.

Each state agency and political subdivision of this Commonwealth shall designate as many as appropriate, but at least one, records officer to serve as a liaison to The Library of Virginia for the purposes of implementing and overseeing a records management program, and coordinating legal disposition, including destruction of obsolete records. Designation of state agency records officers shall be by the respective agency head. Designation of a records officer for political subdivisions shall be by the governing body or chief administrative official of the political subdivision.

Adopted by School Board: June 5, 1973
Revised by School Board: September 17, 1974
Revised by School Board: June 16, 1998