Policy P4-51

A. Preventive Maintenance
The board believes that a proper program of preventive maintenance is a requirement for efficient, economic building operation. The superintendent is directed to maintain a proper preventive maintenance program and, in his budget recommendations, to include adequate funds to sustain this program.

B. Emergency Repairs
The superintendent may authorize separate contracts for emergency repairs to school property, between board meetings and without advertisement, whenever necessary to keep such property functioning efficiently and safely. Otherwise, contracts shall be presented for approval at a regular meeting of the school board.

C. School Grounds
School grounds will be maintained in a safe, functional, reasonably attractive condition. The superintendent shall include in his budget recommendation funds for the upkeep of grounds in the manner described by this policy.

D. Replacement
All division equipment shall be placed on a replacement schedule as soon as feasible, and the superintendent shall include in his recommended budget funds to maintain the replacement schedule.

Requests for replacement of equipment shall be submitted by principals and other supervisors. Replacement of equipment, other than approved in the adopted budget, shall be considered in an emergency situation only.

E. Responsibility--Principals
The principal, in cooperation with the director for facilities and maintenance, shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant to which he/she is assigned. The principal shall have line authority over the custodial staff and shall be responsible for reporting all problems which require the attention of the facilities and maintenance department.

Adopted by School Board: June 5, 1973
Revised by School Board: August 16, 1977