Policy P4-69

A. Food Service--Purpose and Objective
The school board will attempt to provide facilities for serving a noon day hot lunch to all students who remain at school, and for employees of the school division. A school breakfast program may be implemented as directed through superintendent regulations. Cafeteria food shall be sold to students and others at a price which will pay the cost of maintaining the cafeteria.

B. Food Service--School Board
The school board is responsible for any school lunch program operated on school property. The board shall fix the price of meals, approve all personnel involved, and determine the adequacy, safety, and conformation to all applicable legal standards and statutes, of all facilities apparatus, and procedures used.

C Milk Purchases
Milk shall be purchased as the result of competitive bids or quotations. The contract awarded shall be for one (1) year provided satisfactory service is rendered.

Adopted by School Board: June 5, 1973
Revised by School Board: August 1, 1989