Policy P4-72

A. Generally
The board approves of the federal program of free and reduced lunches and breakfast. The board directs the administration to be in compliance with all aspects of same.

B. Participation in Payment
The board seeks to encourage families to pay whatever they reasonably can toward the price of the meal.

C. Protection of Anonymity of Students
The school board directs the administration to protect the anonymity of the student receiving free and/or reduced price lunches.

Legal Reference:

United States Department of Agriculture Rule, "Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced-Price Meals and Free Milk in School," (April 25, 1983).

Code of Va., § 22.1-24 Administration of “National School Lunch Act” – The Superintendent of Public Instruction is hereby designated as the "State Educational Agency" for the disbursement of funds received by the Commonwealth of Virginia under the provisions of Public Law 396, 79th Congress, known as the "National School Lunch Act" and any successor act or amendment thereto; and as such is authorized, empowered and directed to exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred and imposed by such act of Congress. (1997)

Code of Va., § 22.1-207.3. School breakfast programs.--"A. By July 1, 1994, upon the appropriation and authorization of federal funds for the reimbursement of school breakfast programs, in any public school in which twenty-five percent or more of enrolled school-age children were approved eligible to receive free or reduced price meals in the federally funded lunch program during the previous school year.

B. The Board of Education shall promulgate regulations for the implementation of the program. Such regulations shall include, but not be limited to, criteria for eligibility and exemptions; a reporting system for the compilation and analysis or information concerning the number and socioeconomic characteristics of participating school-age children; standard for food services; program evaluation; the investigation of complaints, and appeals process; notification of parents and guardians of the availability of the school breakfast program; and provision to teachers, children, and their parents or guardians of nutrition information describing the relationship between good nutrition, learning, and health.

C. Each school board subject to the provisions of this section shall develop and implement a plan to ensure compliance with the provisions of subsection A and submit the plan to the commencement of the program. Beginning by June 30, 1995, and thereafter annually, each school board shall report such information as required in subsection B to the Department of Education on such forms and in the manner to be prescribed by the Board. In the event that federal funding for school breakfast programs is reduced or eliminated, a school board may support the program with such state or local funds as may be appropriated for such purposes." (1993)

Virginia Board of Education Regulations, "Governing the School Breakfast Program." (July, 1994)

Adopted by School Board: June 5, 1973
Revised by School Board: February 19, 1974
Revised by School Board: September 18, 1984
Revised by School Board: August 1, 1989