Policy P5-22

Under certain circumstances school board employees may use their cars to transport students to school-related events, such as small field trips when no other form of transportation is available and the event could not occur if private transportation were not made available by the school board employees.

The employee is required to submit a request on the standard field trip request form to the building principal or immediate supervisor stating the details of the trip. The employee is responsible for seeing that all parent permission forms are gathered from the students who are to go on the trip.

The present ruling of the insurance carrier for the school board is that the employee's personal insurance would be used in the case of an accident to cover medical and liability payments for the employee and occupants of the car. The school board's general liability and excess liability coverages specifically exclude automobile coverage.
Under the automobile liability policy carried by the school board, the school board is covered for liability suits arising from use of private automobiles by school board employees, and the same policy also can be used as excess coverage after an individual employee's personal policy has been completely used up to cover all
contingencies of an accident.

Adopted by School Board: January 6, 1981