Policy P5-50.5

The laws regarding the sale, distribution, possession and/or use of illegal drugs are clear and penalties are provided for violators of these laws. All members of the school community are subject to these laws on school grounds as well as elsewhere and have the responsibility as citizens to uphold these laws.

The board will not condone any violation of the law and will fully support any employee who, in good faith acts to report, investigate, or cause any investigation to be made into the activities of students or other persons as they relate to public schools.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 8.01-47. Immunity of school personnel investigating or reporting alcohol or drug use.--"In addition to any other immunity he may have, any teacher, instructor, principal, school administrator, school coordinator, guidance counselor or any other professional, administrative or clerical staff member or other personnel of any elementary or secondary school, or institution of higher learning who, in good faith with reasonable cause and without malice, acts to report, investigate or cause any investigation to be made into the activities of any student or students or any other person or persons as they relate to alcohol or drug use or abuse in or related to the school or institution or in connection with any school or institution activity, shall be immune from all civil liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed as the result of the making of such a report, investigation or disclosure." (1995)

Adopted by School Board: June 19, 1973
Revised by School Board: November 20, 1973