Policy P5-52.4

A. Purpose
The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide incentives for staff members to engage in formal study.

B. Eligibility
All professional staff who have been employed by the Lynchburg City School Board for a minimum of six years.

C. Guidelines
1. Leaves may be granted for a semester or one year. A maximum of three employees per year may be granted such leaves.

2. Sabbatical leaves will be granted upon recommendation of the Superintendent, with approval of the Board.

3 Employees returning from sabbatical will return to the same position or one of comparable status.

4. Benefits of insurance programs and retirement will be provided on full base salary of prior school year.

5. Sick leave will not accrue during period of leave; however, credit accumulated will be retained.

D. Application
The applicant requesting leave should submit a written application to the director for personnel services six months to a year before the intended leave.

E. Employment Obligation
Applicants whose requests for sabbatical leave have been approved will file a statement agreeing to remain in the service of the board for one year after the expiration of such leave. Should the employee elect not to fulfill this agreement, he/she shall reimburse the board the total grant.

Adopted by School Board: September 7, 1976
Revised by School Board: August 11, 1987