Policy P5-55.2

A. Definitions
1. Eligible Employees
Employees on the classified wage or salary schedule may receive overtime pay.

Editor's Note: For categories of employees see school board policy #5-1.

2. Service Week
A service week consists of forty (40) duty hours. The service week runs from Saturday through Friday.

B. Overtime Pay
Overtime pay is paid at the rate of 1 1/2 times the base hourly straight time pay only after 40 hours on duty in any one service week.

C. Administration
The superintendent, and those administrators so designated by him, have authority to approve overtime work under the following guidelines:

1. Generally overtime work may be deemed necessary when:

a. a breakdown in machinery or equipment threatens the diminution or termination of essential services,

b. a dangerous condition develops and services are needed to prevent damage to school board property,

c. unforeseen circumstances arise causing curtailment of essential services,

d. severe weather conditions exist or

e. the superintendent so determines.

2. When classified employees work overtime to provide services for community groups or organizations using school facilities, fees for these services shall be at overtime rates per hour.

3. Fairness shall be exercised in allocating overtime work opportunities among employees within the same job classifications.

4. Compensatory time off shall not be substituted for overtime pay except as permitted within the service week.

5. Appropriate overtime records will be maintained.

Legal Reference:


Fair Labor Standards Act (1983) - as amended

Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority, U.S., Supreme Court, February 19, 1985 - (Effective date April 15, 1985).

Adopted by School Board: September 3, 1985
Revised by School Board: March 1, 1994