Policy P5-57

All substitute teachers shall be properly qualified and on the current list approved by the superintendent.

Legal References:

Code of Va., §22.1-299 License required of teachers. No teacher shall be regularly employed by a school board or paid from public funds unless such teacher holds a license or provisional license issued by the Board of Education. In accordance with regulations prescribed by the Board, a person not meeting the requirements for a license or provisional license may be employed and paid from public funds by a school board temporarily as a substitute teacher to meet an emergency.

Code of Va., § 22.1-302 Written contracts required; execution of contracts; qualifications of temporarily employed teachers; rules and regulations" A. A written contract, in a form prescribed by the Board of Education, shall be made by the school board with each teacher employed by it, except those who are temporarily employed, before such teacher enters upon his duties. Such contract shall be signed in duplicate, with a copy thereof furnished to both parties. A temporarily employed teacher, as used in this section, shall mean (i) one who is employed to substitute for a contracted teacher for a temporary period of time during the contracted teacher's absence, or (ii) one who is employed to fill a teacher vacancy for a period of time, but for no longer than ninety teaching days in such vacancy during one school year.

B. The Board of Education shall promulgate regulations regarding temporarily employed teachers, as defined in this section, which shall provide that such teachers be at least eighteen years of age and that they hold a high school diploma or a general educational development (GED) certificate.

However, local school boards shall establish employment qualifications for temporarily employed teachers which may exceed the Board's regulations for the employment of such teachers. School boards shall also seek to ensure that temporarily employed teachers who are engaged as long-term substitutes shall exceed baseline employment qualifications.

C. A separate contract in a form prescribed by the Board of Education shall be executed by the school board with such employee who is receiving a monetary supplement for any athletic coaching or extracurricular activity sponsorship assignment. This contract shall be separate and apart from the contract for teaching.

Termination of a separate contract for any athletic coaching or extracurricular activity sponsorship assignment by either party thereto shall not constitute cause for termination of the separate teaching contract of the coach or teacher.

All such contracts shall require the party intending to terminate the coaching or extracurricular activity sponsorship contract to give reasonable notice to the other party before termination thereof shall become effective.

For the purposes of this section, "extracurricular activity sponsorship" means an assignment for which a monetary supplement is received, requiring responsibility for any student organizations, clubs, or groups, such as service clubs, academic clubs and teams, cheerleading squads, student publication and literary groups, and visual and performing arts organizations except those that are conducted in conjunction with regular classroom, curriculum, or instructional programs."

Adopted by School Board: June 19, 1973