Policy P5-58

The following policy will serve as a guideline in the implementation of the student teacher program:

1. Student teachers will be accepted into the Lynchburg City Schools from accredited institutions only.

2. The Lynchburg City Schools strongly endorse the block program of student teaching. Acceptance of students in other programs will be at the discretion of the school principal.

3. The school administration will determine the maximum number of student teachers which can be effectively accepted into the Lynchburg City Schools during a given academic year. The assignment and placement of student teachers within the school system will be the responsibility of the superintendent or his designee.

4. The school administration will select as supervising teachers those staff members who are professionally qualified and who have demonstrated superior techniques.

5. A supervising teacher will have only one student teacher per year. Only one student teacher will be assigned to a unit each school year. An exception may be granted by the superintendent.

6. Student teachers will be under the administrative direction of the principal of the school assigned.

7. The supervising teacher will at all times be legally and professionally responsible for the scholastic and personal welfare of the class.

Adopted by School Board: June 19, 1973
Revised by School Board: August 16, 1977