Policy P6-60.1

Standards of Learning Tests
The Standards of Learning (SOL) testing program shall be administered in accordance with state regulation. The SOL tests shall be administered during the dates specified by the Virginia Department of Education in such a way that there is centralized control of a maximum number of testing conditions, including test security.

Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening
School divisions are required to use the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) or a state -approved reading diagnostic screening instrument. The PALS screening provides schools with data that they use for early reading intervention for students in kindergarten through third grade who demonstrate reading skill deficiencies. School divisions are required to administer the assessment to all students in kindergarten through third grade in the fall and to students who received intervention services in the spring.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 22.1 -253.13:4. Standard 4. Diplomas and certificates; class rankings. “A. Each local school board shall award diplomas to all secondary school students, including students who transfer from nonpublic schools or from home instruction, who earn the units of credit prescribed by the Board of Education, pass the prescribed tests, and meet such other requirements as may be prescribed by the local school board and approved by the Board of Education. Provisions shall be made for students who transfer between secondary schools and from nonpublic schools or from home instruction as outlined in the standards for accreditation. Further, reasonable accommodation to meet the requirements for diplomas shall be provided for otherwise qualified students with disabilities as needed.

In addition, each local school board may devise, vis-a-vis the award of diplomas to secondary school students, a mechanism for calculating class rankings that takes into consideration whether the student has taken a required class more than one time and has had any prior earned grade for such required class expunged.

B. Students identified as disabled who complete the requirements of their individualized education programs shall be awarded special diplomas by local school boards.

C. Students who have completed a prescribed course of study as defined by the local school board shall be awarded certificates by local school boards if they do not qualify for diplomas.

D. The Board of Education shall develop criteria for recognizing exemplary performance in career and technical education programs by students who have completed the requirements for a standard or advanced studies diploma and shall award seals on the diplomas of students meeting such criteria.

E. By September 1, 2003, the Board shall establish, by regulation, requirements for the award of a general achievement diploma for those persons who have (i) achieved a passing score on the GED examination; (ii) successfully completed an education and training program designated by the Board of Education; and (iii) satisfied other requirements as may be established by the Board for the award of such diploma.” (1988, cc. 645, 682; 1990, cc. 820, 839; 1993, c. 661; 1994, cc. 618, 790; 1997, cc. 828, 835; 1998, cc. 72, 602, 627; 2001, cc. 483, 500; 2003, c. 688.)

Virginia Board of Education, “Raising Student Achievement: A Standards of Learning Update” (January 2004)

Adopted by School Board: February 20, 1990
Revised by School Board: October 6, 1998
Revised by School Board: March 16, 2004