Policy P6-70

It is the intent of Lynchburg City Schools to offer day-care programs in conjunction with licensed providers before and after school hours for elementary children. Transportation shall be provided to and from schools which do not have on-site programs. Funds to support day-care shall be the responsibility of users.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va., § 22.1-132.1. Day-care programs in certain localities.--"A. Upon agreement of the relevant governing body, a school board may establish day-care programs outside the regular school hours for students who attend elementary and middle schools. In order to be eligible to attend such programs, a student shall be enrolled in a public or private school or reside in the relevant school division. Such programs may be conducted before or after school hours or both

B. The school board of the City of Petersburg may establish day-care programs during school hours for children of students who reside in the relevant school division and who are enrolled in a public school in the said city.

C. No state or local funds appropriated for educational purposes shall be used to support any programs established pursuant to subsections A and B of this section.

The school board shall contract only with those agencies which are licensed or certified by the Department of Social Services.

This provision shall not be construed to apply to programs implemented pursuant to § 22.1-131." (1993)

Adopted by School Board: December 4, 1990