Policy P6-71

A. Generally
With the development of a wide-area fiber optic network connected at the public library, each school shall be connected to the Internet. Each school shall have a web page containing relevant information about the school. In addition, the school division shall have a web page. Each of the pages shall be linked. In order to ensure quality and consistency across the school division, web page guidelines are necessary.

B. Guidelines
The following guidelines govern web page development and maintenance at each school.

1. Each school shall develop its own web page with assistance, as necessary, from the following: division technology resource specialists, faculty, students, parents and volunteers.

2. All web pages in the division shall be linked to each other with a standard format and a standard link to access other pages.

3. Links shall be controlled at the division level. Initial links shall be between the school sites and to the City of Lynchburg site. Any links to web pages outside the school division must have the approval of the superintendent or his designee.

4. No division sites shall be connected to any commercial site which charges a fee for maintaining the web page.

5. The Acceptable Use Policy of the Lynchburg City Schools shall be applicable for web pages.

6. Once developed, the web page must be approved by the superintendent or his designee before being posted on the Internet.

7. Changes to approved web pages must be approved by the superintendent or his designee before the web page can be reposted on the Internet.

8. Web sites that the school board deems inappropriate will not have permission to establish links to any school division web page.

Legal Reference:

Code of Va. § 22.1-79 Powers and duties. A school board shall . . . 5. Insofar as not inconsistent with state statutes and regulations of the Board of Education, operate and maintain the public schools in the school division and determine the length of the school term, the studies to be pursued, the methods of teaching and the government to be employed in the schools; . . . (1997)

Adopted by School Board: June 3, 1997