Policy P7-15.1

A. Definitions
1. Dropout
A dropout is a student who leaves school before graduation for any reason other than death and fails to transfer to another school (i.e., public schools including alternative education programs as defined in the Standards of Quality and Virginia State Board of Education Regulations, private schools, hospital education programs or approved home instruction programs) or institution (i.e., state schools for the deaf and blind, correctional institutions or mental health/mental retardation institutions). Students who are awarded certificates as described under Standard 4.E. of Standards of Quality for Public Schools in Virginia - July 1990 are considered to be graduates and are not counted as dropouts.

2. The dropout rate is the number of students in grades 7 -12 (including those in self-contained special education classrooms 12 years of age or older by January 1 of the reporting year) who drop out divided by the total number of students in those grades and special education classrooms at some time during the school year.

B. Dropout Prevention
Dropout prevention is a high priority of the Lynchburg City School Board. The superintendent is responsible for using all appropriate resources to reduce the dropout rate.

Legal Reference

Code of Va., § 22.1 -253.13:1. Standard 1. Basic skills, selected programs and instructional personnel.--". . . D. Local school boards shall also implement the following:

2. Programs based on prevention, intervention, or retrieval designed to increase the number of students who earn a high school diploma or general education development (GED) certificate . As provided in the appropriation act, state funding, in addition to basic aid, shall be allocated in support programs grounded in sound educational policy to reduce the number of students who drop out of school. . . ." (1997)

Code of Va., § 22.1 -209.1:1. Noncompetitive grants program for school dropout prevention. With such funds as are appropriated for this purpose, the Board of Education shall establish a program for the prevention of school dropout. All school divisions shall be eligible to receive such grants under the following conditions:

1. The local school dropout prevention program includes components which emphasize prevention, intervention, retrieval, and parental and community involvement;

2. The program includes a component specifically designed to eliminate the poor academic achievement among disadvantaged students in the school divisions; and

3. The program includes a component for oversight and evaluation of program effectiveness.

The Board of Education shall establish a full-time dropout prevention unit and shall employ such professional and support staff as may be necessary to implement the grants program, provide coordination for the statewide dropout prevention program and technical assistance to school divisions and to monitor such local dropout prevention programs to ensure compliance and uniformity in the interpretation and application of such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Board. (1991)

Virginia Board of Education Regulations, "Governing the Accreditation of Public Schools in Virginia." At § 8.12. (September 1997)

Adopted by School Board: December 4, 1990