Policy P7-18

Married students of school age may be enrolled or continue in the schools. Such students shall be accorded the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as other students.

Legal Reference

Code of Va., §22.1-3. Persons who shall be admitted to schools. The public schools in each school division shall be free to each person of school age who resides within the school division. Every person of school age shall be deemed to reside in a school division:

1. When the person is living with a natural parent, or a parent by legal adoption;

2. When the parents of such person are dead and the person is living with a person in loco parentis who actually resides within the school division;

3. When the parents of such person are unable to care for the person and the person is living, not solely for school purposes, with another person who resides in the school division and is the court-appointed guardian, or has legal custody, of the person;

4. When the person is living with a parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis in a temporary shelter in the school division, not solely for school purposes; or

5. When the person is living in the school division not solely for school purposes, as an emancipated minor.

For purposes of this section, "temporary shelter" means (i) any home, single or multi-unit dwelling or housing unit in which persons who are without housing or a fixed address receive temporary housing or shelter or (ii) any facility specifically designed or approved for the purpose of providing temporary housing or shelter to persons who are without permanent housing or a fixed address. (1997)

Opinions of the Virginia Attorney General, (1954-55), Married Students.--"There is nothing in the statutes prohibiting married persons of school age from attending the public schools, nor is there any authority given to school boards to adopt a regulation denying admittance of such persons to the public schools." (1980)

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare/Office for Civil Rights, Final Title IX Regulation Implementing Education Amendment of 1972 Prohibiting Sex Discrimination in Education (Effective Date: July 21, 1975). #86.40. Married or parental status.

Adopted by School Board: January 6, 1981