Policy P7-54.2

A. Generally
As mandated in the legal reference to this policy, all art materials are to be evaluated and those which meet the criteria as toxic shall be so labeled and the use of such art materials shall be prohibited in kindergarten through grade five.

B. Procedural Guidelines

1. An art material shall be considered toxic if such material contains an ingredient which is a toxic substance, to include human carcinogen and potential human carcinogen causing chronic illness if the ingredient, whether an intentional ingredient or an impurity, is one percent or more by weight of the art material.

2. If an art material complies with labeling standard ASTM D-4236 and its revision, if any, of the American Society for Testing and Materials, the material shall be deemed to comply with provisions of this criteria.

3. All art materials used in the public schools which meet the criteria as toxic shall be so labeled.

4. Use of art materials evaluated under ASTM D4236 to be toxic shall be prohibited in the elementary grades.

Virginia State Board of Education, Regulations (April 28, 1988) Regulations Governing Criteria to Identify Toxic Art Materials: Labeling: Use in Certain Grades Prohibited.

Legal Reference
Code of Va., § 22.1 -274.1. Criteria to identify toxic art materials; labeling; use in certain grades prohibited.--"The State Department of Education, in cooperation with the State Department of Health, shall develop criteria to identify toxic art materials.

After these criteria have been developed, the Department of Education shall require school divisions to evaluate all art materials used in schools and identify those which are toxic. All materials used in the public schools which meet the criteria as toxic shall be so labeled and the use of such art materials shall be prohibited in kindergarten through grade five." (1988)

Virginia Administrative Code, 8 -VAC 20-530-10"Governing criteria to Identify Toxic Art Materials; Labeling, Use in Certain Grades Prohibited." (September 1997)

Virginia Administrative Code 8 VAC 20-530-20 Toxic Materials

Virginia Administrative Code 8-VAC 20-5300-30 Labeling Standards

Virginia Administrative Code 8-VAC 20-530-4- Elementary Grades

Virginia Administrative Code 8-VAC 20-530-50 Incorporation by Refuse

Adopted by School Board: August 9, 1988