Policy P7-55.1

A. Generally
As mandated in the legal reference to this policy, each school in the division shall have a minimum of two full-time staff members who have attended and successfully completed courses approved by the State Board of Health in all of the following: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Heimlich maneuver and Basic first aid. 

It is imperative that all schools have persons on school grounds throughout each day who have had this training.

B. Procedural Guidelines

1. Each principal shall determine the number of staff members who have successfully completed such courses.

2. In those instances where there are fewer than two qualified staff members, volunteers shall be solicited for training programs.

3. Course fees and travel expenses related thereto for training and /or retraining will be paid by the school board.

4. Students, school staff and the central office shall be made aware of the identity of the individuals concerned.

C. Reports to the School Board
The superintendent shall advise the school board when the division is in compliance with this standard for accreditation.

Editor's Note: For emergency care see division regulation #R 7-55.1.

Legal Reference
Virginia Board of Education Regulations, 8-VAC 20-131.260 Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia"

Adopted by School Board: August 9, 1988