Regulation R4-38.1

High school principals shall have the authority to secure a set of two credit cards from a nationally recognized bank card firm. Inquiries with several companies shall be made to determine the lowest annual fee or to seek a company which will waive the fee entirely.

The two cards shall be the property of the school and shall be used only for school business. Resultant bills shall be the responsibility of the school activity fund. All bills shall be paid promptly to insure that the school is not subject to a finance charge.

The cards shall be entrusted to the school principal or designee. The principal may issue the cards to staff members for use when sufficient evidence for need is presented. It is recommended that each principal devise a request form for this purpose which would require the user's name, proposed date(s) of use, activity/event, explanation of need for card, intended use(s), and approximate charges.

The principal or designee shall regularly review the charge account statements to be paid and be satisfied that all claims are legitimate/authorized school expenses prior to certifying payment. To this end any card borrower shall submit all customer copies of charge forms at the time the card is returned after use.

These cards are being authorized to assist in the efficient operation of the schools.They are money; therefore, any irregularities or actions contrary to the guidelines above or normal business practices shall be brought to the attention of the superintendent or his designee.

Approved by Superintendent: September 3, 1985
Deleted by Superintendent: June 30, 2015