Regulation R4-44.1

Insurance coverage for loss and damage of school owned musical instruments has been obtained by the Lynchburg City Schools. The coverage is for those instruments that are moved from place to place and used on trips outside the city. An inventory by serial number is maintained by the business office for those instruments insured.

In the event of loss the following procedure should be followed:

1. Students using school owned instruments should be informed in the loan agreement that they are responsible for the instrument and in the event of loss a claim will be filed under the family's home owner's policy if this type coverage is available.

2. The police department should be notified immediately of any instruments believed to have been stolen.

3. A complete written report on all losses and damages, signed by the department head and principal, should be submitted to the director for finance upon discovery of each loss or damage.

4. Our insurance policy specifies that the company must be informed of all losses within ninety (90) days, otherwise, the claim will not be honored.

Approved by Superintendent: August 16, 1974