Regulation R4-65.3

The school board identifies the following as unforeseen emergencies in which standees on school buses may be permitted for short distances:

  1. When a school bus driver assists another driver on his/her route, and needs to transport the students of the inoperable bus to or from school.
  2. When it is necessary to provide special transportation on prearranged occasions for students to a specific location within two (2) miles from the point of departure.
  3. When it is necessary to have emergency evacuation of school buildings.Temporary overloading due to change of student(s’) place(s)of residences.

Regulatory Authority:

State Board of Education Regulations Governing Pupil Transportation Including Minimum Standards for School Buses in Virginia (Effective June 22, 1987) ". § 2.3. The number of pupils who may ride a school bus shall be determined by the total number who can be seated. During the first thirty (30) instructional days of the school year standees may be permitted for short distances in the aisle back of the driver's seat. Pupils may not be permitted to stand after the first thirty (30) instructional days, except under unforeseen emergency conditions as identified by the local school board. . . ."

Approved by School Board: August 9, 1988