Regulation R5-50.7

When scheduling school related events outside of normal school hours (administrative personnel hours), licensed employees are required to file, in duplicate, a faculty intent to use permit with the LCS property manager. Permit forms may be obtained in the principal's office and must be approved by the principal or designee prior to submission to the property manager. Such requests may be submitted up to one year in advance. The property manager will return the duplicate copy to the applicant indicating approval or disapproval for facility use.

The only exception to this procedure will be scheduled athletic or school events and practices. Principals shall forward a schedule for practices, events, and facilities by season to the property manager as far in advance as possible once the schedule is set; however, the facilities may be scheduled only one year in advance. Operationally this means that events may be placed on the calendar during the current calendar month for next twelve months through and including the same month one year hence. Any additions to the schedule should be cleared through the property manager.

All schools have priority for building use; however, building use must be scheduled as described above. This regulation is designed to prevent potential conflicts with outside users.

Approved by Superintendent: September 3, 1985