Regulation R5-52.4

A. Selection
1. Upon the identification of a specific division need to provide training for
particular purposes, a maximum of two employees per year may be granted
leave under the provisions of this policy.

2. The decision to seek applicants under this policy will be advertised to all
employees, and applications will be received by the department for personnel
services. Selection will be made by a committee composed of the assistant
superintendent for instructional services, a supervisor in the area of concern
and one teacher chosen by the above two members.

B. Compensation and Benefits
1. Employees selected for leave shall receive one-half of the base salary that
would have been paid for regular services. In addition, reimbursement will be
made for tuition and other charges up to a maximum of $500. This
reimbursement to be as soon as practicable after the submission of a request
for payment with substantiating receipts. All payments are dependent upon
successful completion of training or courses taken under the provisions of the

2. Benefits of insurance programs and retirement will be continued as in regular
service and computed on full base salary.

3. Sick leave will not accrue during period of leave, however, credit accumulated
will be retained.

4. Employees granted leave under this policy shall retain their position on the
salary schedule with eligibility for approved increments.

C. Return From Leave
Due to the nature of this leave, re-employment is assured and expected. Employees
accepting professional leave will be required to sign an agreement to accept a
professional assignment for each of the three years following the period of leave.

Should the employee elect not to fulfill this agreement he/she shall reimburse the
school board for all or part of the salary and benefits received according to the
following schedule:

Employment Reimbursement
One year only 2/3 of total compensation
Two years only 1/3 of total compensation

This reimbursement is to be made within 90 days of termination of employment.

Approved by School Board: September 7, 1976