Regulation R6-18

The following Curriculum Guides have been developed and are continually reviewed and revised to meet the needs of the division's instructional program:

Experiences in Readiness
Guide for Reading Comprehension
Guide for Language Mechanics Skills
Elementary Writing Guide
Art Guide (Elementary)
Movement Education Guide (Elementary)
Music Guide (Elementary)
Elementary Social Studies Course of Study
Elementary Science Guide
Alternatives for Early Childhood Science Experiences
Nutrition in the Elementary Schools
Gifted Opportunity Course Outline for Social Studies
Gifted Opportunity Course Outline for Science
Gifted Opportunity Course Outline - Language Arts
Basic Elementary Mathematics Skills - Guides for Levels 1-6
Formula for Solving Word Problems
Charts and Graphs Guide
Measuring in Metrics Guide
Math Vocabulary Lost Guide
Calculator Skills and Applications
Curriculum Guide for Advanced Math Students
Middle School Computer Guide
Middle School Course Selection Guide
High School Course Selection Guide
Writing Guide
Vocational - Trade and Industrial Course Outlines
Vocational - Trade and Industrial C.B.E. Records
Driver's Education Handbook
Oral Communication Guide for Speaking and Listening
Thinking Skills K-12
Secondary School Course Outlines
Family Life Education K-12
Middle School Reading Program
Middle Schools' Extended Reading Guide
AIDS Education Guides 6-12 (Incorporated into the Family Life Program 6-12)

Approved by Superintendent: June 30, 1981
Revised by Superintendent: August 2, 1983
Revised by Superintendent: August 1, 1989
Deleted by School Board: April 20, 2010